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Details:.................THANK YOU EVERYONE! IT'S OVER! All that remains is memories and pictures. Nothing else will be posted on this page. See you in a few years.

Here is the latest information. The weather forecast is for hot weather. We are in the middle of a heat wave that has stretched on for a week. Highs are forecast from the high 80's to 90'. Therefore, bring what you need to stay comfortable. If you have a pop up canopy tent, bring it. The club has two fairly large canopy tents but the more shade we can create, the better.

The track opens for racing on Thursday and will be open 24 hrs a day until Monday. This means you can enter anytime no matter how early or late. The front gate will be staffed all the time

We have plenty of HDPE guns on hand for the shells but as the list of cylinders grows, we are short on steel guns. We could use 5", 6" and perhaps a few 8" steel guns. If you have a few, and have room to easily transport them, we'll put them in the ground. There are several dozen steel guns already provided by the club and a few members are welding guns as we speak.

We've had a lot of folks ask about power at the compound. There is some very limited power at the location. We will try to find more power once members get onsite on Thursday. But we cannot promise power for electrically hungry equipment. We know there will be a few generators out there too.

This is a private shoot for fireworks club members and their friends only! Please see the August update below for more important info. Pay special attention to the meals for $5 as you need to let the club know if you want to be fed so we can bring enough grub.


Events: Hand-made show of incredible multi-break cylinder shells and fancy ball shells.
Date: Labor Day weekend (Saturday Aug 31th, 2013) Rain date Sept 1.
Location: Brainerd Raceway, Brainerd, Minnesota, located about 2 hours north of Minneapolis
Link to BIR: BIR
Map: Map Link
Lodging: Camping space is available onsite or at nearby hotels
Hotel reservations: Brainerd Hotels right here
Contact Email:
Link to a lake shoot 1997, vintage clip: Click Here

>>News for August, 2013

This will be the final monthly update for the Lakeshoot. However, you are urged to check back again for any new developments that we need to pass on as the shoot date approaches.

The schedule is as follows:

Thursday Aug 29: early check-in. Late night socializing around the beer tap

Friday Aug 30: check-in. Bury guns, set up the 20' x 30' tents at the compound

Sat Aug 31: finish site prep of the guns, load and wire shells. Shoot at dusk

Sun Sept 1: clean up, pull guns

The Nebraska boyz informed us that they have a bunch of hammer shells to show us. Wow!

From the oil rich state of North Dakota to the streets of New York City, pyrotechnic enthusiasts are coming in for the Lakeshoot. From Nebraska to Michigan, From California to Connecticut. We are arriving. Mum Pyro has joined in the fun. With them comes an assortment of fancy oriental style balls shells made in the USA. Ghost shells, mushrooms, and bow-ties. Amazing! Also arriving is the voice of the PGI as well as the king of chems from the east coast. This month's updates includes a map of where the NLP compound is, a rudimentary schedule of the shoot, food and meal plans, and updates to the shells that will be fired at the shoot. Some of the updates are actually very important and pertain to YOU if you are reading this. The club wants to let everyone know that we are enforcing our policy of no alcohol consumption and handling of fireworks allowed. We'll be sure to strictly enforce this at the shoot at all times!

What we know for sure that will be on-hand: This private, NOT IN COMMERCE display of artistic pyrotechnics features at least 60 to 75 or more cylinder shells from 3" to 12"--150' waterfall--Numerous 10" and larger old school ball shells--multi-break crossette shells, hammers, sun and planets, multi-break farfallas, and numerous variations of other multi-break shells-- bomb strings,--- Rocket flights with shell headings--- the soon to be famous 80 spider shell segment-- Dr. X ---Large USA made ball shells---Lampares galore --junior pyro show-- 100% hand-made cylinder shell finale

We have minor details on the check-in procedure that we're working on but everyone should go to the will-call gate at the track entrance. Either the track staff or an NLP volunteer will help you. Let them know you are with the NLP. This is our first Lakeshoot(will not be an annual event, too much work)at BIR so help us help you. We'll probably miss a detail or cause a bottleneck somewhere so bear with us as we hone our planning skills. This whole effort is made possible by 100% volunteers.

Here is a Google map of the track and a simple map on how to find us, you can zoom in and out, pan left or right at will with this link right here: BIR grounds, NLP compound, shoot zone

>>>Please email your gun needs to Carolyn at the email address we just gave you.<<< We might have to reload some shells either way but we're good at it and this isn't a public shoot so if we stop for a few minutes to load salamis just open another beer and wait.

We need a lot of help digging guns, loading/wiring shells, and setting up the tents. Please bring work gloves and help us if you can. So far we have about 10 people who offered to help so don't think that we have enough help yet, because we don't.

As far as new shell additions: A member donated 6 large old-time Spanish ball shells. These were made prior to DOT requirements and the 1.3g labeling so we know they're at least vintage shells. Also, Legion Fireworks of New York has graciously donated some Italian-American cylinder shells from their magazine inventory. Thanks Frank!

BIR has been extremely accommodating and generous to the pyrotechnic community and we are pleased to announce that the 100 free admissions to BIR are filled. There is a lot of interest in the shoot and members from all over the country signed up. If you are bringing hand-made fireworks to the shoot and have not signed up, you can still get in free of charge. Please use discretion with what qualifies as hand-made. A smoke bomb or salute is not what we're looking for as far as hand-made. Shells, whether they are ball or cylinder would qualify, or something fancy. If you are coming as a spectator and do not have hand-made pyrotechnics, the costs are as follows:

Saturday after 7PM to Sunday is $25

Saturday before 7PM to Sunday $45

Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun $65

This is payable to the track when you arrive.

The salami count is at least 40 to 50 shells

>>News for July, 2013

This month itís about abbreviations and acronyms. The hard-core pyros should know what they all mean. WASP, TR, IOOJ, Dr. X. And if you donít know, then you probably donít need to know right now. But you will know next month.

News travels fast. The good Dr. X is talking about making a trip to Minnesota for the Lakeshoot. Last we heard, the runway at Brainerd Intíl airport was too short to land his jet so heís taking his private yacht up the Mississippi as far as he can. From there a fleet of limos will pick him up and take him the rest of the way.

Seriously, though, TR is flying in along with a couple of close friends. This is even after spending several thousand hours building his own devices for a shoot at the PGI. Talk about dedication to the craft. In fact, There are pyros coming from all over. As of this writing, We have members and their spouses, kids or loved ones from the Midwest and as far as New York (several east coast states for that matter) making the trip to Brainerd.

Since the free admission-list was posted in June, weíve had dozens and dozens of people sign up. There are still some spots left so if you want to get in free, see the June info below and get on the list.

The shell count has nearly doubled since June with some of the builders getting their gun needs announced. Weíre thinking weíre at around 40 or 50 salami shells but not sure on the count as of yet. Weíre hearing about several largish shells and some very largish shells. We also are hearing about multi-break crossette shells, and even multi-multi-break crossette shells. How many breaks can you stack you ask? A lot. Thereís only one man that we know of that can build shells like that. I need a cigar. We still need more shells or other devices. Bring what you can.

And since where talking about the craft, it canít get anymore hand-made than this. We have members making charcoal for their black powder and the blackmatch for shells. We even have members hand-rolling the match-pipe too. 200+ hand-made shells for the finale. Really? Really. A few club members are making sparklers too. Oh, and thereís a member growing tomatoes and other veggies just for the shoot. Heís a fantastic cook and is making home-made sauces for a spaghetti dinner for Friday or Saturday night. We need someone to make about 200 gallons of beer for us!! Sort of kidding, I guess.

As our members cultivate their youth into our future masters of pyrotechny, the next generation of pyros will take our place. For that reason, we have a budget for a junior pyros show. Minors with guardians can set-up and shoot a show before the big show to amaze us with their talent. The author of this web page prays that it wonít be a 20 minute bombardment of class C product but hopefully, a more tasteful and artfully crafted display of cool stuff. We have a chairperson who volunteered for the job so contact us if you have a participant.

In the meantime, itís full blazing summer in Godís country. Warm days and cool nights are in the forecast with plenty of mosquitoes to fan the heat off us. Weíre all scattered across the country on vacations, working, and enjoying summer however we can. At the end of August, we will all be one place, together, to enjoy what we all love so much.

If you are bringing shells and need guns, please let us know so we can bring them for you.

***Please note: This is a private shoot for pyro enthusiasts and not a shoot designed or intended to be a public display. The public will be at the track for track activities but we are not shooting the fireworks for the public, they're for us.***

>>News for June, 2013

It's been very busy this past month and a lot of work has gone into the Lakeshoot. We completed a site survey in May of the raceway and met with the track owner to measure distances. We have A LOT of room. We also were working on the permit to shoot the fireworks and can shoot from 7PM to midnight. There will be some open shooting as well as a junior pyros display for the kiddies.

BIR has an outside track that is a 3.5 mile loop surrounding the grounds. We are going to occupy about the back half of the space and have legal room to shoot shells to any size. The Funny car and dragster drag strip is in the front of the grounds where large grandstands can hold 10's of thousands of fans. We will be far, far off from them so there are no issues with distances and the public.

Brainerd is in the middle of a resort and lakes area. If you are staying in a hotel, you should really be making your reservation. There is a link to some of the hotels in the area at the top of the web page.

>>News for May, 2013

News for the past month: We have a line on some old-school oriental Mantsuna ball shells. There arn't too many of them left and those that are still tucked away in magazines don't get fired for your average shoot. We found a few big ones and plan to buy them for the Lakeshoot.

The waterfall project is done, thankfully. Working with large amounts of bright aluminum is not a fun task to say the least. Club members spent a long day mixing comp and filling 75 super-sized tubes for the waterfall. Other builders are still in their shops nights and weekends pounding away on their shells.

Also, we must mention that BIR has asked us not to shoot shells with plastic casings. The plastic shards can cause problems for the race cars' tires. Even though we plan to do a full clean up, they just don't want the plastic.

>>News for April, 2013

March and April have been building months for the club builders. So far we have made or are making: Hammer shells... Sun and Planets shells... Shell of shells...Multi-break report shells...75' Niagara Waterfall...multi-break crossette shells...numerous other multi-break shells...married comets, cavity comets, farfalla, draw-out shells. There are also rumors about flights of rockets with shell headings.

We have spent hundreds of hours on the finale which is close to being wrapped up allowing more time to continue with the large cylinder shells.

Experienced club and non-club members can bring fancy shells for the shoot. Experimental stuff can stay at home. Due to our insurance regs, non-club members will need to sign a guest liability waiver and cannot shoot live product since they are not covered. We are e-firing the shoot so there are no issues with handling the product anyway. However, we will have some open shooting too and that's where you will have to give your product to a member to shoot. Or better yet, join the NLP and eliminate this legal hurdle.

For members with minors, we are planning a junior pyro shoot too of class C items. More info will come out as time goes by. Also, we are limiting rockets to 3/4" ID for safety reasons. This is a very large shoot site but there is also a very large public seating area for the drag strip race fans 1/4 mile away and we are not wanting to jeopardize our insurance. A call will go out for shells numbers and sizes later on so we can have guns for everyone. We have plenty right now.

>>News for February, 2013

We are well under way building shells for the shoot. 110 finale shells are made with another 150 to go. Builders are actively assembleing their work and shells are being designed and constructed as we speak.

Hotel reservations can be made on the link provided near the top of the page. The NLP is camping near the back of the track grounds in a circle-the-wagons style with campers, tents and of course, a large tent in the middle for food and beverage consumption. If you have and RV that needs full hook-up, you should call the track to reserve a site. This will not be at the NLP compound as the RV hook-up spaces are located at another part of the track grounds. We are supposed to have power at our compound. Call the BIR track for RV reservations at 1-866-444-4455

The raceway offers on and off sale alcohol, food vendors and a full restaurant. Bathrooms and showers are also on site. We are being offered access to the raceway and the events occurring during our stay. Trans-Am drag racing and muscle car racing occurs the same weekend so there should be plenty to do.

The shoot is Saturday evening with the rain date for Sunday. Members can arrive anytime but the club will be burying guns on Friday weather permitting. We will have breakfast and supper available for a few dollars per plate. More on this to come later. Other highlights for the shoot include a 75' to 100 ' waterfall and a 16" round shell for the end of the finale.

>>News for December, 2012

The NLP is pleased to announce the return of the Lake shoot in 2013.

The colored history of the Lake shoot goes back a few decades. Once held annually near Brainerd, MN, it was a semi-private shoot of builders' fancy shells that surpassed any fireworks event in the country. Steel guns were buried by the dozen and the skies filled with multi-break cylinder shells, hand-crafted round shells, and mines shot from 12" guns. The last Lake shoot was held in about 2001.

Well, it's back! The Lake Shoot will be held on Saturday Aug 31st, 2013 (Labor Day weekend) at Brainerd International Raceway. Planning is still in the early stages as we work diligently to put the pieces together for the shoot. Our plan is to have open shooting of C and B items as well as junior pyro shooting. The highlight of the night is a member built show featuring nearly 100 hand-made fancy multi-break cylinder shells, large American-made round shells and a hand-made finale of nearly 200 shells built by the NLP. A special segment of 80 hand-made spider shells from 4" to 8" is already complete. Every steel gun the club has plus many donated steel guns will be used to put on a spectacular old-school Italian-American style show. We hope to display other rarely seen pieces like girandoles, wheels, and lance work.

Builders from the NLP and other clubs are invited to attend and donate fancy shells. This will be a private shoot for us, not the public.

Camping will be available on-site starting Friday and lasting through Sunday. There are also numerous hotels in the areas for those inclined. BIR is a very large venue with ample space for our pyro activities. The raceway offers on and off sale alcohol, food vendors and a full restaurant. Bathrooms and showers are also on site. We are being offered access to the raceway and the events occurring during our stay. Trans-Am drag racing and muscle car racing occurs the same weekend so there should be plenty to do. Our cost is only $10 per person per day and kids under 12 are free. Full hook-up camping spots will be available for $35 per day. Electrical hook-ups and primitive camping is also available at a lower cost. Final details should become available this winter.

The NLP is looking for dedicated volunteers to help with this event. We are also accepting cash donations to assist in the costs of the member-built show including purchasing Japanese shells and shells made from Professional American builders. We also need help with costs for gun transport, equipment, and misc. supplies. Any amount helps. The NLP builders are financing the materials to build the shells themselves.

We're still planning and discussing the event so stay tuned.

Contact Tom Niesen if you have any questions at tjniesen (the at symbol) or use the email above.

(Enter "For Lake Shoot" in comments when donating via PayPal)

Check back for More Details & Updates...

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